Friday, February 22, 2013


Those other boy bands! pt.4 : BULLET TRAIN (超特急)

Hello minna!^^

Well from the kinda doesn't make sense ne?
I mean a boyband? but then a bullet train? what? 0,o

Actually the name of the boyband is 'BULLET TRAIN' or  超特急 (Chō tokkyū)
Consists of 7 members from Stardust...
and they just debuted last year!^^
For those who don't know them...I'll introduce^^

Well I just knew about them today...let just say I went idol hunting and stumbled upon them~^^

BULLET TRAIN (lets just stick to this name~) has a concept the same as GENERATION.
You know the only-some-will-sing-and-the-rest-will-dance kinda concept...
Bullet Train is likewise because it only has 2 vocals and 5 dancers~

The members,however, are much younger^^
Ranging from 1994-1996....=_="...but ii-yo!^^ They're so cute!^^ (and I'm pretty sure if you're a JE fan you could accept younger idols I have~)
Here are the members~^^

 Kawaii ne???^^
I think my favourite is Kai and Takuya~^^
But mite,look at Yusuke...he actually reminds me of Gongchan from B1A4 (maybe it's the pic~)

They've released 3 singles so far;
1st single: TRAIN
2nd single: Shake Body
3rd single: Policemen

Here are the PVs^^

Bullet Train - TRAIN
Bullet Train - Shake Body

Bullet Train - Policemen

Bullet Train - Policemen

Well,to be honest Bullet Train hasn't got their own style yet...
I mean their PVs or songs seem like you've heard and seen them from somewhere before.
But they look promising!^^
They have cool dance moves and great singing voice too!^^
Plus! THEY ARE PRETTY BOYS! fangirl could refuse princes like them~^^

I haven't got any more news regarding them...beside I just found out about them today anyway...
I am just happy that I know them!^^
Yay! MORE BOYBANDS!!!!!!^^

So,what do you think?

Thank You


kdgravity said...

Hello !
I don't know this boy band, but he's look nice !
I've watched their 3 PV, and I love Policemen.
And then I love their clothes for this PV too ^^

Anonymous said...

Not Bad. Their voices are something worth praising. Looks are slightly above the average too. However you are right, they lack sense of originality in their dance moves. Screams Korean! If I have to say. Still, they just started. Let's see how it goes from there....

Anonymous said...

I love "Bullet Train"! My favorite members are Yuki, Yusuke, & Kai!~

Anonymous said...

I love this boyband even though they aren't really popular. My favorite member is Kai <3

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